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My Aone Learning serves as a tuition agency providing qualified home tutors for 1 to 1 home tuition in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor and other states in Malaysia”

-Dr. Darren (Founder of My Aone Learning)-


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My Aone Learning

My Aone Learning


Home Tutor for Private Home Tuition in Malaysia

  • We serve as an One-Stop Platform for tutors, students, tuition centres in both offline and online education

  • You may choose your preferred timing and days for your lesson. Learn at your convenience

  • Not need to switch your tutor and end up in wasting money and time. We will find you a tutor based on your requirements

  • We are committed in d elivering Quality and Excellent tutoring experience for you

♥ What People Say About My A1 Tutor ♥

Parents Testimonial

  • To Darren, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and mostly Miss Gan for being wonderful tutor to my kids. I surely would recommend anyone to have her should they are looking for a mandarin tutor.
    Pn Azlynn, Parent
  • I strongly support A1 tutor for your prompt support and also being negotiable with our request just to get us an awesome tutor for my kids. I am 100% happy with Ms Tay (Mandarin tuition teacher) she knows how to teach my kids which not all teachers do. The most important thing is my kids like her very much & in fact they always look forward to be taught by her. Keep up your good work. =)
    Ms Jessie, Parent
  • Darren, Thank you. As a mother & parent, we are happy with our new tutor. She is nice and ways on time. Study wise, my daughters has slowly improve in bahasa. Thanks!
    Claire, Parent

Tutor Testimonial

  • My Aone has been not only a great plateau for tutors, parents and students to confer and to be acquainted with each other to fulfill their educational needs, but it has also been a great channel for private institutions of education to promote and market their programmes and course, we for one have enjoyed collaborating with Mr Darren and have experienced a tremendous escalation in our students enrolment and programme recruitment. We are looking forward for future prospective collaboration.
    Wayne, Tuition Center Owner
  • Many thanks to Darren who always give his helpful hand. He is a responsible and accountable person who willing to share info and knowledge among friends. Glad to know you and keep your good work :)
    Huey Fang, Chemistry Tutor
  • Darren, a young owner of is very helpful to get students for me. He is friendly and trusted. Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Alex See, Tutor
  • Until today, My A1 Tutor had given me 3 jobs and it helps me a lot! Darren is very flexible and very helpful especially in communicating with the parents or tuition centre. If you have trouble in contacting the parents, he will definitely help out which makes you feel protected. He also will help out if you feel uncomfortable with the students, parents or tuition center. For every job I request, I will get reply on the same day and will get contact details on the spot after the deal. To me, it's such a simple and straightforward deal and for every commission you pay to My A1 Tutor is actually worth than other tuition agents!
    Amirah, Tutor
  • Thank you very much in your proficiency in matching potential students that suits my teaching ability and scope. Appreciate your fast and effective service. I hope you will continue to provide and help students that need guidance.
    Shiryl, Teacher
  • There are many jobs available in My A1 Tutor. Services are good and fast respond. One word, Good!
    Yen Wenn, Tutor

Our Private Home Tutors in Malaysia

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Latest Home Tutoring Jobs in Malaysia

English and Maths

Tuition ID 0993 | Standard 2 and 5 English and Maths

Tutor for Standard 2 and 5 English and Maths   Job stat
A-level Law

Tuition ID 0995 | A-level Law, Business, Econs in Sri Gombak

Tutor for A-level Law, Business, Econs in Sri Gombak  
Standard 1 Bahasa Melayu

Tuition ID 0997 | Standard 1 Bahasa Melayu in Sungai Long

Tutor for Standard 1 Bahasa Melayu in Sungai Long   Job
Year 2 Mathematics

Tuition ID 0982 | Year 2 Mathematics in Sentul Timur

Tutor for Year 2 Mathematics in Sentul Timur   Job stat
Year 2 English, Science, History, Geography, Maths

Tuition ID 0967 | Year 2 English, Science, History, Geography, Maths

Tutor for Year 2 English, Science, History, Geography, Maths
Year 10 Accounts and Maths in Sg Besi

Tuition ID 0974 | Year 10 Accounts and Maths in Sg Besi

Tutor for Year 10 Accounts and Maths in Sg Besi   Job s
Standard 4 Mandarin and BM in Jinjang

Tuition ID 0973 | Standard 4 Mandarin and BM in Jinjang

Tutor for Standard 4 Mandarin and BM in Jinjang   Job s

Our Partner Tuition Centres in Malaysia


SCORE A e-Learning Programmes

  • i_hate_math_winter09SCORE A – MATHVICTORY has formulated a technique, a new way in teaching math that has revolutionized in learning and understanding mathematics.

    A series of videos on tutoring all level of mathematics based on Ministry of Education standard and requirements.You will not find this unique and yet rewarding way of learning mathematics through videos anywhere except here in.

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  • e-tuitionWho are the developer of Score A e-TuitionThey are a team of expert tutors and teachers who have been teaching secondary school students for more than 20 years.

    What do we differ from others? A step-by-step teaching in Score A e-Tuition is clearly illustrated with mind mapping, application and examples. Due to the vast experience in conducting seminars, workshops and tutorials, we fully understand students' weaknesses and their needs.

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  • PreSchoolScore A Preschool program is an online kindergarten that combines screen technology, animated characters, original stories and fun music to inspire a love of learning in children's speed. It is a bright, colorful, animated activities that bring learning to life, and to help children master the basic in literacy, maths and science.

    Score A Preschool is proud to offer an appropriate academically based on preschool programs who are age between 4 to 6 years old.

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  • i-teacherScore A i-Teacher is a research product of University of Science Malaysia (USM)  in collaboration with The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and The Ministy of Education (MOE).

    We are focusing Output Learning™, which is the key to accomplish good grades. Currently, there are about 700 million students obtained straight As after using Score A i-Teacher.

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